WFH Workshop | 瘟疫词典: 接力一首实在的虚拟情诗 (An Epidemic Dictionary: Relaying A Truly Virtual Love Poem by Tan Chee Lay)

The Arts House’s Write From Home (WFH) Workshops are back by popular demand! Playing on the concept of “work from home”, local authors explore writing as a way to navigate through this unusual time. In this shared space, find your own community of writers and let them inspire you through this isolation. Beginning in July, this second run of workshops will also see Chinese and Malay writing workshops added to the series.

在瘟疫蔓延的极度隔离之际,我们要如何书写失落与分别?封闭宅家之时,我们又当如何记录日常不察且隐微的爱与关怀? 获奖诗人学者陈志锐将带领大家一起虚拟书写各人的小诗,共同编写属于我们的瘟疫情典。

How do we write about the loss and separation during the profound isolation of an epidemic? What about the love and care that just may go unnoticed in our everyday routine, especially in a confined household? Facilitated by award-winning poet-scholar-artist Tan Chee Lay, and with each participant contributing individualised poetic entries, we might just be able to edit our mini virtual love dictionary of this epidemic.

This workshop will be conducted in Mandarin.



Writer-artist Tan Chee Lay is an Associate Professor of Chinese at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, with a PhD in Chinese literature from Cambridge University. A recipient of the Golden Point Award, Young Artist Award, Singapore Youth Award, Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award, he has published over 20 creative writing and academic books, including Landmark Poetics of the Lion City, which won the 2018 Singapore Literature Prize.


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Sat Jul 4, 2020
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM SGT
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